Floor/Ceiling Indoor Unit

TOSOT Multi Zone Indoor Units – Floor Ceiling Console


  • 4-way Discharge Air

  • Multi Speed Fan

  • IR Remote Control and

  • XK19 Wired Programmable Controller

  • Comfortable Sleep Mode

  • Swing Louver

  • Cleanable Air Filter

  • Dry Coil for Anti-Mildew Protection

  • Remote Control Lockout

  • Power Failure Recovery

  • 5 year limited parts warranty


  • Submittals
  • Specs
  • Service and Owner's Manuals
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TM09HTDI Submittals.pdf                                 TM12HTDI Submittals.pdf                

                  TW18HQ1C2D                                                                             TW24HQ1C2D
TM18HTDI Submittals.pdf                                  TM24HTDI Submittals.pdf                            






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